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WPTC crop update as of 30 April 2021

04/05/2021 - WPTC - 2021 Season - Lire en français
According to the latest data collected by the WPTC as of 30 April, the world production estimate for 2021 is increased slightly to 39.1 million tonnes.

AMITOM countries


The harvest of the early summer crop has now started with a good spring weather. Colour and brix are very good, and the farm yields are about 40-42 t/acre (99-104t/ha). There are no diseases or issues with water availability. The forecast remains 440,000 tonnes. 
  As of 25 April, about 700 hectares have been planted, 30% of the total surface, of which 100 hectares of organic (20% of the expected surface). The planting schedule is slightly late. The frost from 8  April had destroyed 20 hectares which have been replanted. The harvest start could be delayed by a week, but this will depend on weather from now on. The cold weather in April has caused an 8 to 10 days delay in development to date and lots of plant are blue/purple due to the stress. The first fields are however at the umbrella stage and developing well. Some rain this week is welcome as there is a lack of water. 
The frost damage was not too serious but will lead to some delay in the start of the harvest as some early fields will be replanted, although there will not be a reduction in the total surfaces. Conditions have since been good and about 60% of the total surfaces have been planted to date (more than 70% in the south, 50% in the Centre but below 10% in the North) and plant development is good. The forecast remains 460,000 tonnes.
Transplanting is ongoing at full capacity. No change with the forecast at this moment. After closing transplanting, we can finetune the estimations.
North- The frost damage was more widespread on the fields planted during week 13 than initially anticipated and the POs indicate that 300 to 350 hectares need to be replanted with the end expected in the middle of June. Planting was slow in April due to the cold weather: the average temperatures were 2.5°C lower than normal.  Weeks 14-15-16 saw a very slow development and could mean a 7 to 10 days delay in the start of the harvest. As of 25 April, about 25% of the surfaces have been planted which is less than normal. Rain in the last two days  have stopped all operations. The temperatures are now better, with 12-14°C at night and 20-22°C during the days and this is good for development. The forecast remains 2.8 million tonnes. 
South – Planting in Caserta was started very early in mid-March to try to start processing early as stocks of some products (mainly 400 g cans and passata in glass bottles) are very low. About 300 hectares of the early fields were however destroyed and about 200 hectares were damaged by the frost  and low temperatures. Some will be totally replanted, others only partially. Transplanting operations are now advancing fast which could bring a crop concentration in early August. Contrarily to last year, the water availability is good for this season as the Occhito reservoir is full. It is expected that the total surface will increase by about 10% this year so the overall forecast for Italy is raised to 5.4 million tonnes and could be up to 5.5 million tonnes depending on yields (low yields are expected on the early plantings).
Around 48% of the surfaces have now been planted, as per schedule, although operations are now stopped due to rain last weekend and Monday. They will restart when the fields are dry. The bulk of the planting should be finished by the end of May. The forecast remains 1.4 million tonnes. 
In Andalucía is raining now and rains are forecasted for the next two days, but no special incidence is expected. The first factories will finish transplanting by the end of this week but transplanting will continue at least until 15 May. It is soon to know the final surface (uncertainty due to limited water availability). 
In Extremadura transplanting is slightly late due to unstable weather, with local storms in the last 10 days. This has caused some stops and restarts. About 50% of the surface has already been transplanted. So far it is not expected that these rains will have any effect in the health of the plants. Until we can confirm the planted surface in Andalucía we keep our forecast of 2.9 million tonnes.
Transplanting tomato plants into the field began in mid-February and as of 22 April 16,000 hectares or 94% of the expected total area of ??17,000 hectares had been planted. The industrial tomato production estimate remains 1 million tonnes, of which 950,000 tonnes are for the production of tomato paste and 50,000 tonnes for the production of canned tomatoes. The actual start of the harvest is scheduled for the second week of June 2021.
The forecast remains unchanged at 2.1 million tonnes. Contract prices are favourable for farmers, but they are not keen to plant large surfaces due to uncertainties regarding to price on the spot market. Planting is now progressing well despite some rains last week. 
Planting operations have not yet started due to the rain and very cold weather. They will start in the next few days with about a week of delay. The forecast remains 850,000 tonnes.

The final production number and more details will be available in a few days but is expected to be close to 580,000 tonnes, a record level thanks to very good yields in San Juan (105-110 t/ha) and fair climate during the harvest in Mendoza. 
The production forecast remains 1.5 million tonnes from an expected surface of 15,330 hectares. Planting should finish by the end of May and a revised estimate will be available early June. 
Planting continues at this point in time. A few delays have occurred from the wind and heat, but not anything outside of normal. Planting will continue until the end of May. The weather continues to be dry and temperatures are above normal. NASS will release it next tonnage update on May 28th and we will revise our tonnage number then.
The harvest is finishing and the final production volume wil be available in the next couple of weeks.

It is estimated that the planting area is 630,000 Mu (42,000 hectares) and the forecast remains 4.8 million tons. The price of raw tomato this yeat is RMB 450-480 yuan/t (57-61 euro/t). Transplanting will be starting this week, with some delay due to the cold weather.
The total volume of tomatoes to be processed is expected to be 32,000 tonnes from 460 hectares. 
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