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Reader's Digest: April 2024

01/05/2024 - Madeleine Royère-Koonings
In April 2024, we published the following articles:
  • WPTC Crop Update as of 29 March 2024.
  • Tomato Bites by Morning Star, 28 March 24
  • The Italian La Doria, leader in the production for the private labels, reported an increase of 20% for revenues in 2023, with volumes up as well.
  • The Egyptian Paste & Juice doubles its capacity with a new production line supplied by Rossi Ingeneria Alimentare. This will allow P&J to produce up to 70,000 tonnes of tomato paste per year.
  • Imports of canned tomato products from Egypt into Morocco will be subject to an anti-dumping duty of nearly 30%.
  • EuroMonitor figures show that the global tomato pastes and purees market is growing steadily and should continue to do so.
  • The provisional program of the 15th World Processing Tomato Congress, taking place in June in Budapest, has been published.
  • The program of the 17th ISHS Symposium on Processing Tomato, featuring some joint sessions with the Congress, has been released.
  • Campbell Soup is considering taking the Rao's brand to Canada and also launched a limited edition condensed soup flavor.
  • Tomato Paste Prices, April 2024: USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy, China and Chile.
  • In Italy, the National Research Centre for Agricultural Technologies (Agritech) aims to help farmers and the environment with innovative solutions. Its research pillars are the use of genetics and collecting satellites and drones' images and analyzing them with artificial intelligence.
  • A study published in June 2022 suggests that Italy will be the most affected by global warming, especially for processing tomatoes. The findings of the study will be presented during the WPTC congress in Budapest.
  • The Spanish cooperative Las Marismas will resume its tomato paste production in 2024, after 2 years inactivity due to persistent draught.
  • Trade statistics for Russia show that Russian imports and exports have undergone a substantial geographical reorientation.
  • Global Exports of Tomato Paste, updated April 16, 2024.
  • In California, a pest emergency has been declared in 2 counties, following detection of the curly top virus. Consequently, growers are allowed to use neonicotinoid pesticides for a temporary period.
  • The Polish food company Agros Nova commissioned an ecological mural on one of the walls of their warehouse, as celebration for the launch of their new tomato processing line.
  • Prices of Canned Tomatoes, April 2024: Italy, Spain, USA, Greece, Portugal.
  • Princes Industrie Alimentari complains about the lack of logistical structures in the Apulia region, which hinders the exports from this region, and requires an institutional intervention.
  • In California, the 2024 price agreement has been reached with all processors.
  • Euromonitor figures show a consistent annual growth for tomato products for the Asia-Pacific market and a domination of ready-meals.
  • In Portugal, the TomAc R&D project consortium presented its results on 3 production systems. Tomato production was higher under conservation farming methods and cover crop obtained the best results.
  • Global Imports of Tomato Products, updated April 29, 2024.
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