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World Processing Tomato Concil

Professional or non-profit organisation
Contact details
Maison de l'Agriculture - TSA 48449
84912, Avignon Cedex 9

+33 6 07 12 58 29
Contact name : Sophie Colvine
Contact email : Click to see email address
The World Processing Tomato Council (WPTC) is an international non-profit organization representing the tomato processing industry. Currently, its members represent more than 95% of the volume of tomatoes processed worldwide.
The organization was created in May 1998 during the 3rd World Processing Tomato Congress held in Pamplona (Spain).
The World Processing Tomato Council is constituted by professional growers and/or processors organizations representative of their production area. It is headquartered in Avignon (France) and currently chaired by Jason Fritsch (Australia). Manuel Vazquez (Spin) and Nick Kastle (California) are the two Vice-Presidents. Sophie Colvine is the General Secretary.
Professional organizations from the following countries were the founding members of the Council: AMITOM countries (France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey), Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, California. These countries have since been joined by Japan, China, South Africa and Peru, and by AMITOM's associate members in Egypt, Hungary, Malta, Russia, Syria and Ukraine.

WPTC organises the World Processing Tomato Congresses and ISHS Symposiums on the Processing Tomato every two years. The last ones were held in Greece in June 2018 and in San Juan, Argentina in March 2022, and the next one is scheduled in Budapest (Hungary) in June 2024 ( 

In the news

A new president and visual identity for WPTC

During its meeting in Parma on 25 October, the board of WPTC elected Jason Fritsch, who is the CEO of Kagome Australia, as the new WPTC President...
See details

WPTC crop update as of 25 October 2022

WPTC members met in Parma on Tuesday 25 October for their annual end-of-season meeting. During the meeting they established the preliminary world...
See details

WPTC Crop update as of 14 October 2022

 As the harvest is reaching its end, the global world production estimate currently stands at 37.2 million tonnes. This total will be...
See details

WPTC crop update as of 30 September 2022

As the harvest is reaching its end in most regions, the provisional world production estimate stands at 36,8 million tonnes, nearly 3...
See details

WPTC crop update as of 16 September 2022

As the 2022 processing is entering its last few weeks in most countries, it becomes apparent that production will not reach the level expected when...
See details

WPTC crop update as of 19 August 2022

The harvest progresses in most countries but with continued uncertainties regarding the volumes of tomatoes which will be available for the middle...
See details

WPTC crop update as of 5 August 2022

The harvest is now ongoing in all regions but with uncertainties in many countries as to the full effect of the heatwaves and lack of water....
See details

WPTC crop update as of 22 July 2022

As the harvest starts in most countries in the northern hemisphere, water availability and extreme heat seem to be a factor of concern in many...
See details

WPTC Crop update as of 1 July 2022

As the 2022 processing season is starting or about to start in the northern hemisphere countries, the forecast is further reduced to 38.4 million...
See details

WPTC crop update as of 3 June 2022

The latest figures collected from WPTC members set the early June world production estimate for 2022 at about 38.8 million metric tonnes,...
See details

Climate change and its effects on Europe, the USA and Latin America

From the presentation given by Fernando Santibáñez Quezada, Professor at the Universidad de Chile, during the 14th World Processing...
See details

What is happening? What can we expect?

“Those who failed to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” From the presentation given by Martin Stilwell, during the 14th World...
See details

The next WPTC congress to be held in Budapest

During the closing session of the WPTC congress on 25 March, the announcement was made that the 15th World Processing Tomato Congress and 17th ISHS...
See details

WPTC first global forecast for the 2022 crop

The outlook for global processing for the 2022 season stands at 39.7 million metric tonnes according to the WPTC estimate released on 15 March...
See details

WPTC crop update as of 15 February 2022

The tomato harvest is currently progressing well  in most countries in the Southern hemisphere.  Argentina The expectation has been...
See details

WPTC Crop update as of 10 January 2022

Southern hemisphere Argentina A total of 7,700 hectares were planted for a forecast of 640,000 tonnes to be processed. The harvest started on...
See details

WPTC congress in San Juan: new dates of 20-24 March 2022

Change of dates: The 14th World Tomato Processing Congress and the 16th ISHS Symposium on the Processing Tomato will take place on 20 to...
See details

WPTC: 2021 crop estimated at 38.7 million tonnes

The preliminary results of the 2021 season as communicated by industry operators during a WPTC meeting on 21 October 2021 establish the world...
See details

WPTC Crop update as of 1 October 2021

The 2021 harvest is now ending in most countries with the only major uncertainty remaining being the actual volume which will be processed in...
See details

WPTC Crop update as of 17 September 2021

The harvest continues in most countries, and as it is the case every year, the final volume processed will depend on the weather conditions over...
See details
Meet us at

15th World Processing Tomato Congress and 17th ISHS Symposium on the Processing Tomato

10/06/2024 to 16/06/2024
During the closing session of the last WPTC congress, the announcement was made that the 15th World Processing Tomato Congress and 17th ISHS...
See details
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