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ABMA: the Aseptic Bag Manufacturers Association

28/04/2021 - Press release
The Aseptic Bag Manufacturers Association (ABMA) represents (European) manufacturers of aseptic bags for industrial, food service and catering applications. The association focuses on promoting the development of the aseptic bag packaging market, exchange of technical information, standards, legislative/regulatory information gathering, as well as representation at national and international levels in key areas of interest to the members and their customers.
Aseptic packaging allows products to be processed and kept at room temperature (ambient) without preservatives, while maintaining organoleptic properties. So taste, smell, colour and texture, as well as nutritional values, can remain unchanged for long periods of time. In this way no refrigeration is required, resulting in great energy savings.
Aseptic bags are used for a wide range of food products such as tomato concentrate, paste and pulp, fruit and vegetable juices, concentrates and diced fruits, as well as sauces, dairy, liquid eggs and wine. They are produced in sterile, cleanroom environments and are suitable for aseptically processed products which need to be filled, stored, and distributed at room temperature. They are a convenient and efficient way to transport large quantities over long distances.
The aseptic pack goes through a special sterilization process, optimally protecting the packaged product, in addition to maintaining varying degrees of oxygen barriers as required. They are available in several barrier choices of multilayer laminates and/or co-extruded films. The materials are highly resistant to perforation and can be combined with a wide range of closures and pouring spouts. They can also be treated with gamma rays to achieve the necessary levels of sterilization.
Aseptic bags are suitable for the efficient filling and dispensing of fresh, extended shelf life (ESL), aseptic liquid and processed food and non-food products for their better preservation. Big standard aseptic bags are available for the most common large containers, such as plastic, metal or polypropylene. For Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) they offer a convenient and inclusive solution for the customer as a complete component within the IBC format.
  Aseptic bags are optimized to preserve products while reducing the amount of wasteful and costly dunnage (loose materials or padding used to support and protect cargo or contents in a shipping container);
  Aseptic bags provide a packaging option for fillers that delivers a safer, more reliable pack, resulting in less product spoilage. Aseptic bags offer customers peace of mind knowing that their bulk bag-in-box products are protected from flex-cracking and harmful oxygen transmission;
  No refrigeration is required resulting in significant energy savings;
  The bag-in-box system eliminates the need for metal cans and/or rigid plastic containers. Bags represent a saving up to 70% on raw materials compared to rigid containers of the same volume.
Aseptic bags are an attractive economical solution for packing and transport of liquid foods in large quantities. They can reduce transportation costs: the possibility of reducing or eliminating the dunnage on large overseas and long-distance shipments can deliver significant savings.
The aseptic bag system is easily disposable and much cheaper than other comparable systems.
Members and Mission
(European) Manufacturers of aseptic bags, with a typical capacity from 0.5 to 1,500 litres, for industrial, food service and catering applications, ABMA members are: 
ABMA members promote the development of the aseptic bag packaging market; as well constitute a forum for discussion and study, aiming at promoting new concepts, developments, and applications of this packaging format.
They define recommendations on process conditions and use of aseptic bags that the members can suggest to their customers in order to ensure the correct use of bags. Members exchange technical information among the members, aiming for a common definition and standardization of aseptic bag specifications, in order to achieve the optimal use of raw materials.
They gather information on current legislation and regulations about the use of aseptic bags, as well as on their re-use, recycling, or proper disposal.
ABMA is the industry’s voice and represent the general point of view of the association’s manufacturers with other institutions and organisations in the aseptic packaging sector. These include manufacturers of filling equipment, of transport packages, raw material suppliers, etc. The Association represents the members and their interests to the various national and international authorities and institutions, whenever the point of view of the European manufacturers of aseptic bags may usefully be presented.
Some complementary data:
Guido Aufdemkamp, ABMA Executive Director, will be speaking about "Flexible Packaging and Aseptic bags: Current Trends and Developments" during the Tomato News 2021 Online Conference on 8 June. 

Source: ABMA
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