Unilever introduces US consumers to Hellman's ketchup

13/04/2018 - François-Xavier Branthôme - Read in french
Unilever chose the date of the National Tomato Day to launch ketchup in the US for the first time under its Hellmann's brand.

Hellmann's has reimagined the way ketchup is made by asking what should be in ketchup, and what should not. The result is unsurprisingly simple, Hellman's Real Ketchup Sweetened only with Honey contains six ingredients – tomato puree, honey instead of high fructose corn syrup, white wine vinegar, spices, onion powder and salt.
It contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives and uses non-GMO sourced ingredients. 

Russel Lilly, marketing director of Hellmann's, said: "Over time, food has continued to evolve and it's time for ketchup to evolve too. We saw this as an opportunity to elevate an American staple by stripping it down to only the most essential ingredients."

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