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California: first steps for 2018 price discussions

In its bulletin dated 29 November, the CTGA (California Tomato Growers Association) released the first nine proposals it has exchanged with...
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Prices of Italian, Californian and Chinese Tomato Paste, November-December 2017

Price of Italian Tomato Paste, December 2017 No quotation between 15 July and 29 September 2017. Opening prices for new crop products were...
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Italy: Mutti finalises the acquisition of Co.Pad.Or

According to Ansa, Italian tomato processing company Mutti has announced that it is acquiring Consorzio Padano Ortofrutticolo (Co.Pad.Or.) for Euro...
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Italy: UniCredit grants Petti an 8 million Euros loan

The funds are intended to help the group develop its business abroad The European Food press agency announced on 15 November that the Italian...
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Sugal: both production and turnover break a new record

1.7 million tonnes processed and more than EUR 265 million in turnover In 2017, the volumes processed by factories operated by the Sugal group...
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Italy: the production of organic tomatoes has almost doubled in two years

162 619 tonnes of organic tomatoes in 2017, with a yield of 69 mT/ha The Interprofessional Organisation (IO) of Northern Italy...
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