California: State of the harvest as of 30 September

03/10/2017 - François-Xavier Branthôme - 2017 Season - Read in french
The week ending September 30th is projected to harvest 646,800 short tons (sT, or 586,712 metric tonnes (mT)) and week ending October 7th is estimated to deliver 415,000 sT (376,447 mT). This will result in a total of 10,281,067 sT (9,325,987 mT) harvested by week ending October 7th.
By adding the five year average for total harvested after October 7th, which is 467,943 sT (424,471 mT), this would be 10,749,010 sT (9,750,427 mT). However, with many factories shut down and planning on shutting down over the next week, it seems unlikely California will achieve the 10,749,000 sT. Sources in the industry are estimating between 10,400,000 sT (9,433,840 mT) and 10,700,000 sT (9,705,970 mT).
Of the 738,242 sT (669,659 mT) harvested during week ending September 23rd, only 17,682 sT (16,039 mT) were Organic. So far, a total of 412,063 Organic sT (373,783 mT) have been harvested this season.

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