UK: success for Conserve Italia

07/08/2018 - François-Xavier Branthôme - Read in french
With an 11% share of the British market, tomato products of the Cirio brand (owned by the Consorzio Cooperativo Conserve Italia) are among the emblematic products of the "Made in Italy" food industry. The Italian group is hoping to consolidate its position by carrying out further investments in this market.

Cirio branded canned tomatoes and peeled tomatoes can now be found in the stores of the biggest retail chains in the United Kingdom, like Tesco, Morrison's, Sainsbury and Waitrose, covering about 65% of the market, as well as in a number of traditional local shops and retail outlets, most often found in big cities. 
In order to consolidate its presence, Conserve Italia has recently launched a communication plan that includes the television broadcasting of an advertisement on the main British TV channels and a marketing campaign that is due to start in October, promoting the integrated and 100% Italian manufacturing of Cirio products, from the tomato crops planted by Conserve Italia growers right up to processing and manufacturing in factories run by the Consorzio, as well as all marketing and distribution operations. 

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