Spain: Apis plays the sustainability card

09/01/2018 - François-Xavier Branthôme - Read in french
At the end of November, the Apis company announced it has extended its collaboration agreement with Syngenta agro-technology in order to improve biodiversity for its tomato crops, by committing to the "Operación Polinizador", a sustainable and responsible agriculture project that will be implemented throughout all the company's crops by 2022.
Anselmo Montero, General Director of Apis

The «pollination operation" involves setting up specific zones in the crop fields where pollinating insects and other arthropods can find shelter and food. These zones will not only encourage the development of populations of pollinators, but will also lead to a greater biodiversity in terms of insects and small mammals. Growers who are cooperating with Apis will be in charge of carrying out this sustainable agriculture project in the field of tomato cultivation.

Thanks to the extension of this agreement, Extremadura's food industry is "100% in line" with Syngenta's worldwide commitment to food safety and agricultural sustainability, which has been dubbed "The Good Growth", fitting in with one of the companies stated principles: "offering national markets healthier products by respecting the environment and contributing to sustainable production."


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