October 2018 Reader's Digest

06/11/2018 - Madeleine Royère-Koonings - Tomato News Reader's Digest
In October 2018, we published the following articles:
  • The WPTC Crop update from 28th September confirms the drop in worldwide processing, now below 34 million tonnes.
  • California crop situation as of 29th September, projection to 6th October.
  • Olam SVI will change name to better reflect their customer needs, into Olam Spices and Olam Tomatoes.
  • The 2018 opening quotations for Italian tomato products indicate a very slight upward trend.
  • Italian, Californian and Chinese tomato paste prices as of 30th September 2018.
  • The Australian food manufacturer SPC Ardmona sold Taylor's sauces business to Kyabram Conserves.
  • The European Commission adopted new rules on origin labeling, with effect from April 2020. Trade associations argue that they are too complicated and inhibit trade.
  • The season in now over in Northern Italy, with just over 2.4 million metric tonnes of raw material processed, according to the figures released by OI Pomodoro Nord Italia.
  • Sophie Colvine, General Secretary of the AMITOM, visited Turkey in July and gives us a partial overview of the Turkish industry.
  • California crop situation as of 6th October, projection to 13th October.
  • A study shows that tomato consumption protects against development of UV-induced keratinocyte carcinoma.
  • In Portugal, adapting the cultivation of processing tomatoes to climate change is a difficult task, and planted surfaces have decreased sharply this year.
  • In Spain, the amount of provisional aid granted for processing tomatoes has increased to EUR 205/ha, due to the decrease in eligible surfaces.
  • In Argentina, in the region of San Juan, planted surfaces remain stable, after 8 years of growth, due to lack of financial support, deterioration in the exchange rate and increase in interest rates.
  • In France, the Tom'ability project shows that water-saving agricultural practices are compatible with high quality tomato products.
  • Iran has been severely impacted by the recent US trade sanctions.
  • The escalating trade conflict between the U.S. and China causes more California agricultural products (including various processing tomato products) to face new retaliatory tariffs from China.
  • The American company Kraft-Heinz invests 50 million dollars in their Dutch site, located in Elst, thereby generating 30 new jobs.
  • The Tomato Foundation gained supporters all around the world in the last 6 months, and is now happy to report that it has almost reached its target fund needed to begin the sample study.
  • The Egyptian company Paste & Juice invests in farming and harvesting methods, as well as adding a new production line.
  • CRISPR, a gene-editing tool, has shown great results in varietal improvement. However, the European Union Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that gene-editing crops must follow the same stringent regulations as GMMOs.
  • The Egyptian company Al Nada aims to enter foreign markets, thanks to a new export subsidy system implemented by the government.
  • Scientists from the Agrigenomics Research Centre (CRAG) are attempting to recover the DNA of old crops, in order to create new varieties of tomato with a greater resistance to pathogens.
  • In Nigeria, the Dangote plant, as well as 3 other firms, should resume production by January 2019, after the Nigeria Customs Service commences full implementation of the New Tomato Production Policy.
  • The WPTC Crop update, as of 25 October 2018, confirms the decrease in volumes processed worldwide: 34.3 million metric tonnes.
  • The Italian company Mutti aims to change Americans 'perception of canned foods. With a multi-faceted marketing campaign involving social media channels, recipes on a micro-site, local presence etc.
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