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Global Exports of Tomato Paste, Updated March 15, 2021

17/03/2021 - François-Xavier Branthôme - Architecture of Trade - Lire en français
Comparison of monthly exports over past two years
For each of the ten countries (China, Italy, Spain, USA, Portugal, Chile, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece, Netherlands (and Iran)) that play a significant role in international trade, Tomato News presents a comparison of the monthly performances for exports of tomato paste over past two years.
This situation makes it possible to follow the evolution of national export dynamics and to compare recent performances with those of equivalent periods of the previous year. These elements of international trade also give a better understanding of the quantities on which the average values presented in our articles on tomato paste prices were constructed.
The ten countries presented accounted for 94% of the sector’s total imports on average over the last five years, with the remaining 6% distributed over approximately 80 countries.
The increase in the level of export activity, directly linked to the CoVid pandemic crisis, is easily identifiable for most countries, particularly in Europe and a few neighbouring countries, over the months of March and April 2020.
Chile:  last 12 months down 14% (-25,700 mT) from the previous 12-month period
China: last 12 months down 8% (-74,300 mT) from the previous 12-month period
Greece:  last 12 months up 17% (+5,200 mT) from the previous 12-month period
Italy:  last 12 months up 8% (+60,100 mT) from the previous 12-month period
Portugal:  last 12 months up 15% (+38,500 mT) from the previous 12-month period
Spain:  last 12 months up 8% (+34,600 mT) from the previous 12-month period
Turkey:  last 12 months up 20% (+26,800 mT) from the previous 12-month period
Ukraine:  last 12 months up 11% (+6,400 mT) from the previous 12-month period
USA:  last 12 months up 2% (+7,700 mT) from the previous 12-month period
In the case of the Netherlands, it is important to note that this country does not have an agricultural production of processing tomatoes or an industrial first transformation industry, but only companies producing second-step tomato products (type sauces) from imported tomato paste. Tomato pastes imported into the Netherlands are mainly of Italian, Spanish or US origin. The quantities mentioned here correspond to re-exports.
Netherlands:  last 12 months up 44% (+10,000 mT) from the previous 12-month period
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Source: Trade Data Monitor LLC, professional sources
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