Extremadura: 4 000 hectares hit by hail

26/05/2018 - François-Xavier Branthôme - 2018 Season - Read in french
Violent hailstorms slammed down on Extremadura on 24 May. According to observations made by Cooperativas Extremadura, 20 000 hectares of diverse crops (fruit, grain, vines, etc.) are said to have been hit, including 4 000 hectares of processing tomatoes. 
The federation of cooperatives has asked Agroseguro, the agricultural insurance organization, to anticipate and accelerate the payment of compensation to affected growers
An evaluation report has been requested regarding the damage caused by this storm, in order to provide an accurate overview of which crops have been damaged in what areas, and the percentage of damage recorded.

This event concludes a particularly worrying period of several weeks for growers in Extremadura who have suffered persistent rains that badly disrupted and delayed planting operations. In addition to concerns linked to plant health problems, from the beginning of May, a lot of operators have wondered how the weather conditions that have been affecting the Iberian Peninsula since April are going to impact the organization and volume of the tomato crop, with the underlying assumption that the region's crop targets may not be reached.




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