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Celebrating the 30 years of Tomato News

Day - 2! 

The Tomato News Team is ready for the first ever Tomato News Conference and looking forward to seeing more than 130 of you in Avignon on Thursday!

 "As we are about to celebrate the 30 years of Tomato News, it is worth thinking back to its purpose. Why it was created!
It is quite surprising to see, 30 years later, how the fundamental reasons for the launching of Tomato News are so “current” to our Global Tomato Market.
Tomato News was designed to distribute, inform and publicize data relating to our global crop and to help to bring together all those involved in its market, filling the information gap identified by AMITOM some 10 years earlier.
It is very interesting to note that although Global consumption of Processed Tomato products has doubled in the 30-year period, we still face many of the issues which gave rise to the creation of AMITOM, Tomato News and WPTC.
Notwithstanding the vast and accelerating improvements in communications which we have witnessed over the past decades, we are still heavily dependent upon the same relationships and channels of information created those many years ago, to provide the vital information and statistics related to this our Global Tomato Crop.
Tomato News performs a unique, vital and critical role in providing accurate up to date information and statistics on our crop which would otherwise not be available, because Processed Tomatoes, although a large global crop, is not a “quoted” crop and formal statistics, although increasingly available on a country by country basis are not formally collected and published on a global basis. 

After many years a Magazine, published monthly, Tomato News has also evolved, most recently over the last two years, to a new format adapted to our latest technologies of information exchange ...and is permanently available for free via the Internet. Every Tuesday, a newsletter is sent with all the latest information of the industry. We the Tomato News team are just about to complete our second year of existence in this new format and are proud and pleased to receive the many indications of our success with the steady increase number of readers.
We are also pleased to be organizing our first Tomato News Conference to be held in Avignon (France), where we will also be celebrating the 40 years anniversary of the creation of AMITOM at the very same and original location.

This conference will address the major issues which our Growers and Processors currently face and is an important event where your presence will allow you to meet many of the major figures of our industry and market whilst at the same time helping to support Tomato News.

As Tomato News take this opportunity to thank a significant number of companies who have provided financial support and continue to support our efforts and all the members of the Tomato News Team who have contributed so much to this success

Martin Stilwell, President
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