California: Crop situation as of 29 Sept., projection to 6 Oct.

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Quantities exceed 12 million short tons

According to the PTAB figures, the quantities delivered during the 13th week of the season (ended 29 September) amounted to 861,280 short tons (sT) (781,267 metric tons (mT)). Quantities are expected to decrease sharply now: with only 438,333 sT (397,612 mT) forecast by PTAB for the current week, the quantities processed in California in 2018 should amount to 12,079,682 sT (10,957,480 mT) on 6 October. This volume would be 17% lower (1.776 million sT or 1.611 million mT) than the final result of 2017, but only 1.6% compared to the quantities processed on average during the previous three seasons.
This provisional amount now represents nearly 101 % of the newly revised estimate for the 2018 California season (12 million tonnes or 10.885 million metric tonnes). 


Quantities of organic tomatoes reached 516,007 sT (468,070 mT) at the end of week 38 (ended Sept. 22), 25% more than in 2017 and 17% higher than the average of the past three seasons.

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Source: PTAB, CLFP

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