California: Crop situation as of 29 July 2017

01/08/2017 - François-Xavier Branthôme - 2017 production - Read in french
Last week (week 29) a total of 660,064 short tons (sT, or 598,000 metric tonnes (mT)) were harvested, of which 116,300 sT (105,000 mT) were organic.
For the week ending July 29th, this number could increase at 842,566 sT (764,000 mT), bringing the total delivered to 1,874,671 sT (1,700,000 mT), which represent almost 25% of the total program.
Field department projects an estimated 1,003,460 sT (910,000 mT) to be harvested week the ending August 5th.
Sources: PTAB


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