Armenia: Significant growth in canned food production

12/03/2018 - François-Xavier Branthôme - Read in french
Processing companies operating in Armenia have significantly increased the production volumes of canned products. According to the National Statistical Service (NSS), a total of 19,132 metric tonnes (mT) of canned products have been produced in Armenia in January-December 2017, a 31.6 % increase from the year before.

According to the released data, a total of 9 513.4 mT of canned vegetables were produced in the accounting period - a 63.5% rise compared to 5 820.1 mT produced in January-December 2016.
A total of 2,722 mT canned tomato paste was manufactured in the reporting period, which is a 12.2% rise over the past year's volumes. Some 601.4 mT of ketchup were produced within 12 months of the past year against the 473.7 mT produced in 2016, constituting a 27% growth.



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