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WPTC crop update as of 5 August 2022

08/08/2022 - WPTC - 2022 Season
The harvest is now ongoing in all regions but with uncertainties in many countries as to the full effect of the heatwaves and lack of water.

AMITOM countries 


Processing continues in the summer season and the forecast remains unchanged. The price of tomatoes has increased to about 95-100 euros/tonne field gate due to the high cost of agricultural input and could be increased more in the coming months.
A record volume has been processed by week 30 with 20,300 tonnes (only 6000 tonnes at the same date in 2021) with only two factories running. Average brix was 4.8. Other factories and those in the south-west are opening this week. The impact of the successive heatwaves since May will be mostly seen in the mid and late harvest with a possible reduction in yields which are currently 10 to 15% lower than expected. The forecast is reviewed slightly down for now at 150,000 tonnes. 
The high temperatures are caused the earlier ripening of tomatoes so the harvest will peak in August. In the south, the temperature increases have not been as catastrophic as in 2021. In the Peloponnese about 30% of the forecast of 100,000 tonnes has already been processed and it is hoped this number will be reached. Average brix to date is about 5. In the Central region, only 10% of the forecast has been processed to date. The heat has caused some damages to the early crop and production will be lower than expected. The forecast for Greece is therefore reduced further to 360,000 tonnes.  
The harvest will start at the middle or end of next week. The very dry and hot weather makes it difficult for farmers to irrigate the fields and it may affect the size of the crop which remains estimated at 90,000 tonnes. 
In the North, the figures reported by OI north interprofessional organisation updated as of 24/07 shows a processed quantity of approximately 150,000 tonnes which represents a record for week 29. The quality is good with an average brix 5.13, defects 3.5%. Last week, the transformation slowed down due to rains and thunderstorms that affected the western area of Emilia Romagna with some hail on some cultivation. The data of the final hectares at 30/06 has been published and sees a total area equal to 37.000 hectares with a reduction of 4% compared last year. The forecast for now remain stable at 2.75 million tonnes. We will see the situation with the harvest of middle late crop, but a reduction in yields compared last year’s crop seems confirmed.
In the South, all factories are now running and since Monday they have been at full capacity for wholepeel. Quality is generally good, but the agricultural yield is lower than in 2021, at about the average of the last five years. It is difficult at the moment to assess what the yield will be in the middle August and in September. In the Southern district the surfaces have decreased more to about 28,000 hectares, a reduction of about 13,6% (see table below).
For now, the country forecast remains 5.4 million tonnes.
The situation is similar to Spain although temperatures are always slightly cooler. Most of the factories opened last week and only 5% of the forecast has been processed to date. Full capacity should be reached next week when the last two factories open. The yield will be lower than last year, but it is not yet clear by how much, so it is too early to revise the forecast. To date quality is good with brix of 5.2-5.3.
Most factories in Andalusia and Extremadura opened by the end of July which is 3 to 4 weeks later than usual in Andalusia. As of 31/07, only 5% of the forecast had been processed and factories are not yet at full capacity. The very high temperatures and heatwaves in July have impacted the early crop and made it difficult to control red spiders. Temperatures have again been reaching 40°C last week and this week and it is uncertain how it will affect the crop. It is likely there will be a concentration of ripening in the second half of August which may exceed the capacity of the factories. 
In the North, weather conditions have also been very challenging, and the harvest should start on 8-10 August. 
Overall, in Spain, the outlook is not positive in terms of yield.
As of 2 August, 91% of the total area of ??12,671 hectares has been harvested with an average yield of only 48.1 t/ha. Consequently, 470,699 tonnes have been processed to date, a decrease of 40% compared to the quantities processed on the same date in 2021. Only 9 out of the 19 factories now remain open with a daily intake of 9,500 t/day. The harvest should last until the end of August as factories in the North-West of the country plan to process late tomatoes at a rate of 5000 t/day. It is now expected that about 74,000 tonnes of 28/30 paste will be produced from 600,000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes. A total of 21 575 tonnes of paste were exported in the year ending 30/06/2022. 
The crop is running late. Production is much smaller than last year in the south and the price has increased both for contracted tomatoes and on the spot market. In the north is is too early to revise forecast as peak will be reached only form the middle of August. Prices should reduce when production increase.  
Tomatoes are developing well, and the forecast remains unchanged. At current weather conditions the "peak" of the season will be in September.
Other countries 

The estimate is to process 836,375 short tons (758,747 metric tonnes) this week. At the end of this week (week ending August 6) we will have processed 2,720,909 tons (2,467,743 metric tonnes). Not much has changed with regards to the crop since the last report.  Harvest continues in the Southern part of the State and has begun to pick up in the North on a daily basis. Yields for July continue to be performing below contract. Incoming solids to date are historically high and above last year. 
We’ve received some much-needed rain, which has benefitted the entire tomato crop. While fruit size in the early planting is a bit smaller, the crop is ripening nicely with disease pressure remaining low. The harvest is set to begin mid-August.
Detailed information should be sent next week by CCFNA & COFCO. Information gathered from other sources is that the harvest started earlier than usual in Xinjiang due to high temperatures. 
The estimate has not been changed from the last report with an expected volume of 29,000 tonnes. Record heavy rains have hit the southern Tohoku region and Hokuriku region since early August to the present but the extent of the damage to tomatoes caused by this is not yet known.
South Africa
Initially a 166,000 tonnes crop was planned on 2200 hectares. The harvesting season, due to utilization of different climatic zones, started in January and will end in September this year. About 90% of the crop has been delivered and a 120,000 tonnes crop is now expected. The season was challenging due to combined risk factors and the average yield is down by about 28%.

Source: WPTC 
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