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WPTC Crop update as of 1 July 2022

04/07/2022 - Sophie Colvine - 2022 Season
As the 2022 processing season is starting or about to start in the northern hemisphere countries, the forecast is further reduced to 38.4 million tonnes, a similar volume to 2020's final production. 

AMITOM countries

Processing of the summer crop has started, and it is now at full capacity. No pests or insects. The weather is favorable for tomatoes to ripen fast. The forecast remains the same and quality is good in terms of color, brix & yield.

There were many hailstorms in the south-west over the last two weeks but only 17 hectares of tomatoes were destroyed out of the 2113 hectares planted in the country. All fields are ok with no diseases so far (with a risk of late blight in the south-west?) despite the last week’s rains which were welcome after the heatwave which however caused some flower abortion. The harvest should start early, around 20 July in the south-east and at the end of July/early August in the south-west (c. 10 days early). The forecast is 155,000 tonnes.

Some localized hailstorms in the Centre and North of the country lead to the loss of about 10,000 tonnes of tomatoes so the forecast is further reduced to 370,000 tonnes. The weather has generally been warmer than usual so the harvest could be earlier than planned.

Plants are developing well and there is no change to the forecast of 100,000 tonnes. This week heat waves reached Hungary as well, so the next days will be critical also for tomatoes due to drought. Irrigation capacities will be driven to peak.

North – A heatwave in June could fasten the ripening of the tomatoes and the harvest should start around 20 July for cherry and organic with the main conventional crop starting around 25 July. There is no change in the forecast of 2.75 million tonnes pending the confirmation of the surfaces planted, but field yields are expected to be lower than last year, to a n average level. Plants are developing well with a good canopy and no diseases. There is some concerns relating to the availability of water towards the end of the season.
South - Contracts were finally signed at 130 euros per tonne for round tomatoes and 140 euros for long tomatoes after very long and tough negotiations. The first survey of surfaces show a 14% reduction compared with 2021 but some can be recovered with late planting, so the forecast is only 10% lower than in 2021. There is no issue with water availability in Foggia as dams are full but there are concerns in other regions (Toscana, Lazio, Campania, Molisa, etc.) as it has not rained in recentweeks. There are currently no diseases but some issue with maintaining a good temperature in the canopy as temperatures are currently over 35°C. The forecast remains 2.65 million tonnes maintaining the total for Italy at 5.4 million tonnes. 

The crop is developing well. After a few days of very high temperatures, they have lowered to about 18-22°C and it has been cloudy and windy for the last three days, slowing down the plant growth. The harvest should start at the end of July and the forecast remains unchanged at 1.45 million tonnes.

After a short heatwave during the second week in June, the temperatures have been unusually low for this time of the year (minimum temperatures down to 11°C) in Extremadura with some humidity in the morning which favours the development of diseases and nematodes, for which the fields are being treated. The harvest is expected to start during the last week of July in Extremadura and Andalusia (where normally it start in early July). The forecast remains 2.385 million tonnes.

As of 22 June, 12,671 hectares have been planted. 5 companies have already started processing since 19 June, but the official opening of the 2022 tomato campaign scheduled for Thursday 30 June 24 processing units with a daily processing capacity of 37,000 tons will be in operation for a forecast of 850,000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes to be processed and a production of 130,000 tonnes of 28/30 paste. As of 05/31/2022, the stock of 28/30 paste was 39,000 tonnes.

The weather has been slightly cool but generally dry except for some small showers in the last to days. The temperatures are expected to increase in the next few days. The harvest could be slightly late but there is no change to the forecast of 2.1 million tonnes.

Other Northern hemisphere countries
Harvest started mid-June with good climate conditions and with yields a little bit higher than planned. Surface planted is around 18,000 hectares and the forecast remains 1.6 million metric tonnes.

To date the crop continues to progress well. The expected start dates will be a few days later than 2021. The July crop looks pretty good at his point. There is some concern about curly top and diseases in certain parts of the state on the later crop. We will continue to be monitoring those areas. Harvest is expected to start next week with some organic production.

Other US States
Midwest mostly in a drier pattern of weather. No disease issues.

The weather here has been quite warm and relatively dry to date. Overall, the tomato crop looks good, but could use a bit of rain. Harvest is set to begin mid-August, with total contracted tonnage of 550,453 short tons (499,363 metric tonnes).

Southern hemisphere countries
South Africa

South Africa planned 2,200 hectares for 166,000 tonnes crop to be harvested in 2022. About 50% of planned volumes have already been processed. The season will end in October 2022 and currently forecast to a 130,000 tonnes crop. The winter production areas received out of season precipitation, which put producer yields and factory deliveries to a declining trend. The raw tomato price, due to lower yields and high-risk factors are under pressure to compete with alternative crops in the farming areas.


Sources: WPTC
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