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New products in the USA, Spain, Italy and New Zealand

23/05/2023 - François-Xavier Branthôme
Heinz debuts four spicy flavors
 Heinz has added four flavours to the spicy sauce category with the launch of Heinz Hot Varieties. Available nationwide, the varieties include three spicy ketchup flavours — chipotle, jalapeño and habanero — and a new Heinz Hot 57 Sauce.
The Heinz Hot 57 Sauce is a jalapeño twist on the brands classic 57 sauce. It is also the first new Heinz 57 product in over 10 years.
We know consumers are hungry for a wider variety of spicy sauces and flavours, and as a consumer-obsessed brand at the forefront of food culture, we saw an exciting opportunity to innovate around our fans’ evolving preferences,” said Lindsay Davis, brand manager, Heinz innovation at Kraft Heinz. “Listening to insights gleaned from our audience showed us that a sauce’s heat source really matters to them, which served as a north star in creating new products with curated and flavourful, pepper-specific bases.”
Spain: Carrefour turns unsold tomatoes into jam
In pursuit of zero waste, Carrefour supermarket turns unsold oranges and tomatoes into jam. In Spain, Carrefour has introduced a new product line to its Madrid hypermarkets to help tackle food waste: jam made from unsold fruit from its own produce aisles. The supermarket currently offers two varieties — orange and tomato — both produced by preserve and sauce maker Helios using ripe fruit that's past its due date for selling to customers but perfect for transforming into 'Marmelada Desperdicio Alimentario Zero. 
These new products join other Carrefour efforts to minimize waste, such as soup stock made from leftover fish and discounts on 'ugly' vegetables. Jams and marmalades have always been a way to preserve fruit, making them a natural fit for a grocer like Carrefour seeking to rescue (over)ripe, damaged or otherwise unsellable produce. In the past — since chucking is usually cheaper than processing — supermarkets tipped unsold products into dumpsters without a second thought. But conscious consumers and persistent activists have provoked a newfound, collective sense of responsibility for food waste, and that mindset shift is paving the way for creative solutions that aren't based solely on financial calculations.
Valfrutta launches three plant-based meals
Italian cuisine is constantly evolving, with an increasing focus on healthy foods that are rich in flavor and in which the plant component and nutritional aspects play an increasingly significant role. There is a notable increase in popularity for dishes containing less animal protein and more plant-based protein, with legumes and grains, and which offer a pronounced "practical service" aspect.
This is the reason for the latest offering from Valfrutta, a leading brand in the canned food market, which has presented its new "Tutto in un Piatto" (All in one dish). A unique and original line, created to bring innovation to the UHT ready-meals sector where Valfrutta wants to reconcile well-being and practicality.
 The "All in One" offering is a range of three high value-added recipes that combine wellness and practicality, with healthy 100% plant-based ingredients, which are proposed as valid alternatives to animal proteins. The three main characteristics are completeness (a single, healthy and complete meal, rich in flavors), high-value ingredients (vegetable proteins, legumes, vegetables, and grains) and practicality (three tasty dishes ready to be reheated in a few minutes, directly in the microwaveable packaging or in a pan). 
These three references are all preservative-free and prepared by steaming in order to preserve the nutritional content, guarantee richness of taste and retain the health benefits. They reference Mediterranean food traditions and a cuisine flavored with herbs: 
  Vegetable dumplings with white and red rice, a unique flavor created by bringing together tomato sauce with aromatic Mediterranean herbs and eggplant.
  Bulgur-based meatless "meatballs" made with wheat protein, pumpkin seeds and bamboo fiber in a Mediterranean flavored tomato sauce with red peppers and olives. 
  Valfrutta's third recipe, "Mixed Legumes with Black Rice and Vegetables," does not contain tomato sauce.
New Zealand: farmer and brewer collaborate to make tomato beer
New Zealand is used to being the first at things, but this might be their finest achievement yet. A farmer and a brewer in south Auckland have collaborated to make the world's first tomato beer.
"We have lots of crazy ideas. Some of them work, some of them don't. Let's just see if this one does," Curious Croppers Tomatoes owner Anthony Tringham says. It's an idea born and made in Clevedon after Tringham handed over 170kg of his Curious Croppers tomatoes to the nearby Hallertau brewery in December.
And this is the result: 600 liters of tomato beer. "Who knows? Tomatoes could replace hops as the number one flavor of beer," Hallertau marketing director David Johnston says. It's inspired by a Michelada, a Mexican cocktail made of beer and tomato juice. But unlike other concoctions, where the juice is mixed in later, here the tomatoes are fermented with the grain from the get-go.
"The whole thing's going in. The tomato is being chopped up and macerated and cooked with the beer," Tringham says.
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