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Italy: ANICAV worries about the 2022 season

27/07/2022 - Press release - 2022 Season
ANICAV: “THE 2022 tomato processing season begins with cost increases, drought and risk of speculations. Businesses are in great difficulty!
"We start with a fewer hectares compared to 2021 (-8.5%), but many more worries. We will rely on our resilience capacity to guarantee the quality that distinguishes our products from those of the rest of the world

The 2022 tomato processing season started a few days early and, unfortunately, with even more concerns. A particular scenario in which the early ripening of the fruits resulting from the high temperatures of the past weeks are combined, for which all the production plants have now started processing, and the many unknowns that characterize an extremely uncertain economic context, which must be taken into account already at this beginning of the campaign. In no particular order: the drought, particularly in the Northern basin, the difficulty in finding seasonal labor both in the fields and in factories, the exponential increase in the costs of raw materials,
primary and secondary packaging and especially energy resources and the growing risk of dangerous speculations, put one of the most representative and important sectors of the Italian food industry in great difficulty.

For this
processing season, 65,180 hectares were cultivated in Italy - a reduction of 8.5% compared to the record year 2021 - of which 37,024 in the Northern Basin (-4.1% compared to the last season) and 28,156 in the Central South Basin (- 13.6% on 2021). On the basis of this data and considering what has been done on average in recent years, a production between 5.2 and 5.4 million tons can be expected. Naturally, these are estimates and the volume of production will depend on both agricultural and industrial yields, also due to the quality of the raw material conferred on which the attention of the industry remains high, having to guarantee a finished product that meets the high standards of our finished products: in fact, quality has always been a must for our companies. “The increases, which have reached unprecedented levels not only in terms of quantity but above all for the generality of the cost elements involved, have caused production costs to rise enormously. - declares Marco Serafini, President of ANICAV - The sector will be put to the test, but we remain confident trusting in the resilience capacity of our entrepreneurs who will try, at least in part, to mitigate the consequences of these increases by affecting their margins "

The processing season- declares Giovanni De Angelis, General Manager of ANICAV - is part of many unknowns - drought, climatic conditions, difficulties in finding labor - and in a complex macroeconomic framework. We are even more concerned about the speculative attitude of a part of the agricultural world, already revealed in this start of the campaign, which seriously threatens to question the survival of the supply chain, especially in the central southern basin. "

"It is worth remembering - continues De Angelis - that the industry, after months of negotiations, has recognized a reference price for tomatoes in the North and, even more so, in the Center-South that is unprecedented in the history of bargaining. industrial tomato and which remains the highest paid in the world. "

The industrial tomato supply chain represents the most important Italian processed fruit and vegetable supply chain and, with a turnover of 3.7 billion euros 
in 2021, of which about 2 billion deriving from exports. It plays a strategic and driving role of the national economy by employing about 10,000 permanent workers and over 25,000 seasonal workers, to which is added the manpower employed in the related industries. Italy, which specializes in the production of derivatives for the final consumer, is the second processing country globally after the United States and accounts for 15.6% of the world and 53% of the European production.

Source: ANICAV
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