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Italy: A very good processing season in the north

08/10/2021 - Press release - 2021 Season
A very positive tomato season with more than three million tonnes processed. This is the conclusion that the inter-professional organization OI Pomodoro da industria del Nord Italia has drawn up during a meeting in Parma with the entire supply chain  and the Emilia-Romagna Regional Councillor for Agriculture Alessio Mammi.

The data  
In Northern Italy, the surfaces destined for tomatoes in 2021 amounted to 38,621 hectares, of which 70% in Emilia-Romagna, with tomatoes processed in 25 factories. The harvesting season is currently in its final stages with an excellent result, despite the hailstorms at the end of July, with 3,085,000 tonnes of raw material delivered to date with an exceptionally high yield in the field of about 80 tonnes per hectare compared to a five-year average figure of 71.3 tonnes per hectare. The campaign was also characterized by excellent organoleptic quality with 4.9° brix and excellent color results. This translates into a high payment to farmers by the industry.

The analysis
Tiberio Rabboni, president of the OI, declared that "To reach this result, two factors were decisive : the decidedly favorable weather and the good functioning of the production planning agreed between production organizations and processing companies at the beginning of the year. This made it possible to link the supply of raw materials with what the plants require and to better organize transplants to extend the campaign period, avoiding the concentration of ripening in August with the consequent difficulties in delivery and processing. Programming, a tool chosen by an equal and self-governing supply chain, will have to be consolidated and perfected in 2022, a year during which we will have to deal with a different demand in terms of products."
The issues addressed
Several issues were on the table for the discussion between the operators and the officials from the region. Among them is that of water management with the request of the OI to secure the irrigation supply through the adaptation of existing infrastructures and the creation of new reservoirs, as well as the reintegration of the financing of drip irrigation in the CMO, the Common Market Organization of the EU fruit and vegetable market. On the Ralstonia solanacearum front, the OI asked to draft a memorandum of understanding with the Region for the funding of research and experimentation to combat bacteriosis. Finally, on the subject of the National Strategic Plan of the CAP, the OI asked for Italy’s support in confirming the coupled aid for tomatoes, maintaining it with financial endowments that allow for alignment with the coupled aid per hectare that Spain and Portugal will recognize for their tomato producers, and to foresee that within the “eco-schemes” of the new CAP, and the related additional payments, importance is given to integrated production and organic production.

From the left:  OI Vice President Paolo Gazza, Bruna Saviotti,  Councilor Mammi and President Rabboni

The comments of Councilor Mammi
Councilor Mammi commented that "The industrial tomato campaign went very well in terms of quantity and quality: good news for the agricultural companies that produced the tomatoes. I thank the OI Pomodoro da industria del Nord Italia for the important coordination work carried out during this season through organizational actions between companies and producers. The tomato industry is an important excellence for Emilia-Romagna that we will continue to support, in particular through research projects to combat Ralstonia and other plant diseases. Our commitment will also focus on coordinating action on the development of water supply, an important and significant issue for agriculture and for this sector. In this historical phase of climate change, the value of water and its storage and distribution in agriculture is fundamental. We are awaiting the developments that will affect water projects in the context of PNRR funding, and the Emilia-Romagna Region will guarantee its share also through the Reclamation Consortia ".

Source: OI Pomodoro Nord Italia

Further details in the attached document (in Italian):
OI POMODORO NORD Conclusion 20211008
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