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Europe: Green, organic & innovative new product launches

04/05/2022 - François-Xavier Branthôme
Branding and quality at the heart of business strategies

A 100% sustainable tomato pulp whose carbon emissions have been neutralized: this is Cirio's latest innovation launched on the British market, where all 400 gram cans of Polpa Cirio crushed tomatoes – 100% Italian – can boast, since January, the "Climate Neutral" certification (clearly visible on the label), rewarding products that can demonstrate a fully offset impact on climate change.

"We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of completely neutralizing the effects on the planet of a flagship product like Cirio tomato pulp, which accounts for the majority of our sales in the United Kingdom," says Diego Pariotti, sales manager for Conserve Italia abroad, the cooperative group that owns the Cirio brand. 
"With this initiative, we are not just improving one or more phases of the production process; we also completely neutralize the carbon dioxide emissions associated with Cirio pulp sold in the UK, bringing our green commitment directly to the tables of millions of consumers," adds the Cirio representative.

"Britain's desire to go green has been acknowledged for a long time: consumers support all kinds of modern green projects, from vertical gardens in London to the reforestation of wooded areas in Scotland," recalls Sandra Sangiuolo, Conserve Italia's export marketing manager. "We believe that this new launch, sealed by the Farmer's Pledge, which is a promise made by our producers, can raise awareness and provide another reason to support the Cirio brand. It is however a singularity on the market of canned tomato products."

"This important advance," explains Pietro Crudele, environmental manager of Conserve Italia, "is made possible by the road we have traveled in collaboration with the University of Genoa, allowing us to obtain the EPD Process (Environmental Product Declaration) certification and to publish reports on the environmental impact of our products. We have thus been able to identify the phases of the production process in which actions were needed in order to increase benefits to the ecosystem." 

Crudele adds: "Our commitment to the planet is to reduce CO2 emissions through precision farming techniques, the use of renewable energy, rail freight, by-product recovery and the reduction of plastics in packaging."

He concludes: "In order to offset the residual amounts of CO2 and neutralize emissions of 'Climate Neutral' Cirio pulp, calculated by the Tetis Institute, a spin-off of the University of Genoa, we support a reforestation project launched in Calabria, where land is reclaimed and destined for the planting of bamboo forests that have an important function of capturing greenhouse gases and protecting soils from hydrogeological hazards and erosion risks. To ensure credibility and transparency, the operation has been carried out within the framework of the eCO2care Registry, managed by the University of Genoa, where all details are publicly available. In this way, we can offset the residual emissions of Cirio pulp sold in the UK by purchasing certified credits, minus the actions already undertaken, in accordance with the objectives and principles of the European Green Deal."

Domino's Pizza: an organic version for all its tomato sauces
In a slightly different vein, but still with a view to highlighting their brand on the market, Domino's sauces are strengthening their commitment to the "organic" segment. Domino's Pizza now offers an organic tomato sauce for all its tomato sauce recipes. This label, which is well known by French consumers, will now be added to one of the flagship ingredients of the Domino's brand, which is also a major manufacturer in the UK and USA pizza sectors.

The new sauce is made with tomatoes grown in the sunny Alentejo and Ribatejo regions of Valada, Elvas, São Mansos and Campo Maior, in Portugal, which produce naturally rich, pulpy tomatoes.

The tomatoes and spices used are organic-certified high-quality products, grown in soils that are enriched with organic matter, without synthetic fertilizers.

After introducing organic Kalamata olives (September 2021) and ingredients with controlled origin certification, and putting a lot of effort into offering more products of French origin (honey, cheeses, fresh tomatoes in season), the brand has pursued its policy of carefully selecting its products. Its organic tomato sauce is completely in line with this commitment.

Cirio: ready-made sauces with 100% Italian Datterino tomatoes
Last December, Cirio already broke new ground by launching the first range of five products made entirely from 100% Italian Datterino tomatoes, harvested in Puglia.
Cirio, the Italian tomato specialist since 1856, has been counting on the combination of a new concept, new recipes and new packaging to target a premium segment of consumers with distinctive, high-quality products supplied by the Italian agricultural sector.

Cirio's ready-made sauces with Datterino are the first range of sauces based entirely on Datterino tomatoes, introduced into all the recipes in order to enrich the taste and satisfy consumers. 
The iconic glass jar, the distinctive packaging that has always identified Cirio's canned vegetables, will also be a characteristic feature of the new range of ready-made sauces. The transparent label, placed in the center of the container, clearly indicates the name of the recipe and highlights the "Datterino" as the main ingredient.

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