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1st semester 2017: Slight improvement for paste imports

Since the implementation in 2015 by the Nigerian government of a set of protectionist measures intended to promote the country's production...
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Conserve Italia: foreign markets boost sales growth

Italian food processing company Conserve Italia has said that it reported a turnover of Euros 900 million (+1% year-on-year) and a profit of Euros...
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Armenia: vegetables processing rises 75% in 2017

According to the data released by the Armenian National Statistical Service, canned food production output totalled 14,629.4 metric tonnes (mT) in...
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Prices of Italian, Californian and Chinese Tomato Paste, October-November 2017

Price of Italian Tomato Paste, November 2017 No quotation between 15 July and 29 September 2017. Opening prices for new crop products were...
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2017: a reasoned output for the worldwide industry

Provisional results for the 2017 season of the worldwide processing industry still require some adjustments, and final confirmation should be...
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USA: VOLPAK's Standcap pouch

At the end of August, the company Volpak announced it will introduce a complete supply chain for the U.S. market to deliver pre-made pouch...
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