WPTC crop update as of 29 September 2017

29/09/2017 - WPTC - 2017 Season - Read in french
The processing season is nearing its end in most Northern hemisphere countries and it looks like the total production could be only just over 37 million tonnes when the final production results for 2017 are published in a few weeks.

AMITOM- EU countries:

The harvest is progressing well both in the south-east and the south-west, despite some rains in the south-west, and 155,000 tonnes had been processed at the end of last week. Yield is good in both regions and factories are working at full capacity to absorb tomatoes. Two factories will close at the end of the week but the harvest will continue until mid-October. The final volume should be close to 190,000 tonnes.
The season is continuing well in the centre and north and a total of 360,000 tonnes had been processed at the end of last week. The target of 400,000 tonnes is still achievable. Brix is very good at 5 or slightly more.
In Northern Italy, 2.45 million tonnes had been processed as of 17 September with an average brix of 4.7. The peak is over with only 150.000 tonnes processed in the week between 11 and 17 September. Half of the companies have now closed. Farm yields are high but processing yields are low with low brix level this season which are decreasing further at the end of the crop (under 4.5 average in the last week). The total volume processed should be around 2.68 million tonnes.
In the centre and south, a total of 2.33 million tonnes had been processed on 17 September. Most factories have now closed but the total volume should reach 2.4 million tonnes. Conditions are not perfect but are not bad.
The total volume for Italy will be between 5.0 and 5.1 million tonnes.
The weather continues extremely dry and uncharacteristically warm. We have now had 10 months with no significant rainfall. As regards the crop, the harvest has started to slow and of the 7 factories belonging to AIT, 3 have closed. The remaining 4 will close progressively over the next 10 days. The forecast remains unchanged at 1.5 million tonnes.
The season is nearly finished in Andalucía and in Extremadura where most factories closed last week and the last one closing today. September was very good with very high farm yields although brix levels were slightly lower than usual.
In the Ebro Valley the harvest is going well thanks to good weather and should continue until 20 October.  
Due to the good conditions in September and average yields over 90 t/ha total production will probably reach 3.3 million tonnes.

AMITOM  - Outside the EU:

So far the crop has seen a reduction of 30% compared with 2016 but harvest is continuing and final numbers are not known.
The figures for the 2017 season were updated on 26 September as follows:
  • Surface of 14,275 hectares against 15,400 hectares in 2016.
  • Total volume of tomatoes produced during the season estimated at 900,000 tonnes of which 623,000 tonnes for tomato paste production and 20,000 tonnes for canned tomatoes production.
  • Production of ≈ 96,000 tonnes of 28/30 tomato paste and ≈ 13,000 tonnes of canned tomatoes.
The season is winding down with most factories closing this week. Some harvesting will be continuing in the north for another 10 to 15 days with very low volumes processed by 3 or 4 small factories. The final volume should be between 1.85 and 1.9 million tonnes. 
The season is coming to the end. Despite the small rain at the end of last week and cold weather these days, all tomato processing factories continue to operate at full capacity. Complaints about lower Brix in tomatoes became more frequent compared to August and the beginning of September. Up to date, 85% of the forecast has been processed. It is likely that all 650,000 tonnes will be processed as expected. The season will be finished during the first week of October.

Other WPTC countries:

The estimate is to process 709,000 short tons (643,000 metric tonnes) for this week. At the end of this week (30 September) the industry will have processed approximately 9.93 million short tons (9.01 million metric tonnes). At this time the crop appears to be closer to 10.5 million short tons (9.52 million metric tonnes). Harvest will continue until the middle of October.
See latest weekly report.
The tomato crop is currently approximately 75% harvested. The weather was unseasonably warm this past week.  Temperatures are expected to cool down and return to normal fall temperatures within the next couple of days.
The total volume of tomatoes processed by 24 September was around 5.5 million tonnes. The season will be finished in this week as only several factories in North Xinjiang will keep processing during National Day holiday (from Oct. 1 to Oct.8) so we will have the final quantity of 2017 crop after the holiday. Temperature dropped more on 24-25 September in North Xinjiang and slight frost affected tomatoes a little.

Non-WPTC contries: 

Other US states
The Midwest US is experiencing a very welcome warm/hot stretch of weather that was really needed to mature the last third of the crop. Harvesting conditions have been good with few rain events to disrupt the harvest. Yields have been as predicted following a very wet July and fruit quality has been good. The end of the season should provide a nice finish if normal weather persists.

(Source: WPTC)
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