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10/10/2017 - Press release - Read in french
Tomato Phenols have greater market potential than cocoa flavanols or plant sterols.
The power of tomato phenols is about to change the world of tomato products.
Health conscious older consumers and healthy food conscious Millennials are driving the food industry to focus on natural, healthy benefits of products and ingredients, and to create new premium products that can replace medications like statins and blood thinners. 
The tomato industry is perfectly positioned to take advantage.
Leveraging the high value of EFSA health claims illustrates the food industry’s focus for science-based innovations that add value to traditional products and new, single dose product categories. 
Cocoa and chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut has enjoyed strong economic growth since being awarded an EFSA health claim for cocoa flavanols and optimized blood flow. Danone and others have seen rapid growth from the plant sterols EFSA health claim for reduction of LDL cholesterol. 
Are tomato phenols next?
The Tomato Foundation’s Health Claim project is progressing to its second phase towards gaining a 13.5 ‘New Function’ EFSA health claim for tomato phenols and improved blood flow.
They aim to replicate the successful health claim for improved blood flow that was awarded in 2009 for a simple extract made from tomato paste called Fruitflow. 
All the bioactive compounds in the extract are also present in tomato paste and other tomato products like crushed, diced, juice, soups and sauces. The EFSA dossier for the extract involved trials where servings of tomato products were active elements.
The Tomato Foundation will reference this existing health claim trial data, which is recently outside a 5-year proprietary period. This will be the core of a new application to EFSA. 90% of the research is already done; only two additional phases of action are still required:
1. Phase 2: Product sample study to establish chemical uniformity in tomato paste and products.
2. Phase 3. Two new human nutrition trials.
The Tomato Foundation aims to submit the health claim dossier to EFSA in 2019/20.
The data from the successful EFSA claim will serve as the scientific proof needed for an FDA Structure/Function health claim in the US. Boosting the industry with two independent, authority-approved claims in these two important territories will influence demand globally.
Leading industry representatives have already described this project as potentially a “global game changer” or “silver bullet” with the power to shift consumer opinion and add value across product categories. 
And besides - isn’t it about time we are able to say tomatoes are good for you on the label?
For further information, please visit The Tomato Foundation website:
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Press Release: 21 September 2017
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