September 2018 Reader's Digest

09/10/2018 - Madeleine Royère-Koonings - Tomato News Reader's Digest
In September 2018, we published the following articles:
  • The WPTC Crop update on 31st August expects a drop in production.
  • Researchers from University of California discovered an approach using deficit irrigation that could help maximize the amount of tomato solids in the fruit while using the least amount of water possible.
  • California crop situation as of 1st September, projection to 8th September.
  • Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro acquires la majority of shares of SAC S.p.a., thereby increasing his presence in the French market.
  • The impact of Brexit on the Common Agricultural Policy is considerable; furthermore a major transfer of 1st pillar credits towards the 2nd pillar (rural development) is also expected, and all aid will be subject to greening requirements.
  • Japanese consumers are enjoying Ukrainian food products, such as tomato paste.
  • California crop situation as of 8th September, projection to 15th September.
  • An agreement has been reached in North and Central Italy by the Petti company, to increase the reference price per tonne of tomatoes to 100 Euros.
  • ZJNAC, an international trade firm from China, plans to set a tomato plant in Togo, in order to strengthen its footprint in West Africa, where it already exports food products.
  • A joint solutions protocol has been signed in Northern Italy, with a view to optimize water supply and prevent water crises.
  • The US tomato processing industry ends this marketing year with a disappointing result in terms of turnover from export operations, 10% lower than previous year.
  • Scientists from USDA and the University of California-Merced married solar thermal technology and drum drying to process pomace into a dehydrated coproduct, which could then be used in human food.
  • The WPTC Crop update on 14th September confirms the previously announced drop in production.
  • California crop situation as of 15th September, projection to 22nd September.
  • Xinjiang Tianye Co. Ltd, a Chinese manufacturing company, is seeking land in Ghana to establish an industrial park housing a tomato farm, a processing plant and offices.
  • Laura Domínguez Díaz won the ISHS Young Minds award for the best oral presentation at the 15th ISHS Symposium on the Processing Tomato for her paper: "Food Neophobia: Spanish case study related to new formulations based on traditional ‘gazpacho’".
  • Following the price negotiations for raw material in California, that have taken very long and closed with a 4% increase, the worldwide price level is estimated at 1% increase.
  • The growth ratio for tomato paste exports is estimated at 1% for this marketing year, which, although similar to the last 6 years, is insufficient for increasing profitability of the industry.
  • La Doria shuts down its plant in Acerra and redeploys all its employees in the three other industrial facilities.
  • The UK start up, "In the Buff", is bringing a "healthy" ketchup to the market, using plant-based pea protein to enrich the ketchup with protein.
  • Michael Dzakovich won the ISHS Young Minds award for the best poster presentation at the 15th ISHS Symposium on the Processing Tomato for his paper: "From bitter to better: Exploring natural variation in potentially bioactive tomato glycoalkaloids".
  • California crop situation as of 22nd September, projection to 29th September.
  • It is estimated that China will have (at least) a 39% drop in production, caused by high temperatures in July and by the 2nd largest processor decision to leave the country.
  • In Italy, ANICAV has announced a drop in production level of 15% compared to 2017, due to less planted surfaces and adverse weather conditions.
  • Construction of a new tomato-paste processing plant started in Ghana, with production scheduled to start by end of the year.
  • During the 13th WPT Congress, Juan Manuel Mira Velasco (Sugal) presented future prospects of the tomato processing industry in the southern hemisphere, with its wide diversity and big disparities between countries.

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