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Pomodoro Nord IO: a strong ethical stand against the caporalato

24/02/2020 - Press release , François-Xavier Branthôme - Read in French
TomatoWorld, Tiberio Rabboni: “This phenomenon must be eradicated”

A strong statement against the caporalato was made by Tiberio Rabboni, President of the Pomodoro Nord Italia IO, at the conclusion of the Tomato World branch forum of the tomato processing industry, hosted in Piacenza on 19 and 20 February.

Rabboni (Pomodoro Nord Italia IO): "Legality, information and optional certification of premium quality for sectors that guarantee high environmental, ethical and social standards"

In order to enhance the value of Italy’s processing tomato production around the world, it is necessary to get rid of anything that might be seen as a link between the caporalato and “Made-in-Italy" products, by eradicating the phenomenon where it exists and, at the same time, by promoting a major public communication campaign regarding the real values that characterize the national industry. It is also necessary that the Ministry of Agricultural Policies authorizes the possibility of an optional certification of “premium Italian quality” for the industry segments that are most virtuous from the point of view of environmental, socially ethical and nutritional standards.

These were the proposals unveiled by Tiberio Rabboni, on the last day of the Tomato World 2020 event in Piacenza. 
The Italian supply chain – Rabboni analyzed – is struggling to get markets and consumers to recognize the quality it expresses in terms of nutrition, ethics, and social and environmental responsibility. This is due both to a lack of adequate communication and promotion tools and to the national and international impact of problems linked to illegal employment and labor exploitation. The eradication of these phenomena in the short term is a condition of justice and civilization and constitutes, at the same time, a condition for the recognition of the value of Italy’s tomato crop. Italian tomato companies must be recognized for their specific and constant efforts invested in the search for environmental, socially ethical and nutritional quality. How can we assure consumers of this additional feature of good sustainability practices and how can we promote it? 
We intend to ask the Ministry of Agricultural Policies for an optional premium quality certification – like the SQN national system of quality recognition – linked to strict production specifications in terms of the rules governing environmental and social responsibility, as well as transparency and shared governance within the sector.

Countering the damage caused to the reputation of “made in Italy” products by the caporalato – the phenomenon of illegal employment
Some of these requests have already received a first response in the letter that the Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova addressed to the Pomodoro Nord Italia IO and to Tomato World, in which she says she is "ready to work with interbranch organizations, with industry operators and distributors to publicize the value of the Italian processing tomato, and to grant dignity to the thousands of companies that make the products and contribute to the great reputation of the "Made in Italy" label. An institutional communication campaign at national and international levels is what is required.
Concerning the caporalato, she added: “There are no dirty industries; there are only companies that commit crimes and which, as such, must be punished, even severely. The caporalato must be fought where it is strongest: by offering a simple, flexible and complete service. The caporalato belongs to organized crime and not only does it trample the dignity of workers, it also endangers the thousands of honest businesses that face unfair competition from those who exploit their labor.
We also intend to fight against unfair commercial practices such as reverse auctions, which are a form of caporalato dressed up in a suit and tie.

Source: OI Pomodoro Nord, FreshPlaza

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