Northern Italy: surfaces are lower than in 2016

27/07/2017 - François-Xavier Branthôme - 2017 Season - Read in french
36 707 hectares have been planted with processing tomatoes

Actual surfaces dedicated to processing tomatoes in northern Italy, planted both by growers linked to the POs and by independent growers during the 2017 season, cover a total of 36 707 hectares.
This information has been collected from technicians working with the Pomodoro Nord IO. It indicates a 7.5% drop compared to planted surfaces last year and a 2.5% decrease against the contract data published at the beginning of the season.
The organic proportion of production is considerable and confirms the upward trend of this sector. With surfaces growing from 1 316 hectares in 2015 to 2 310 hectares this year, organic crops currently account for 6.6% of actual surfaces grown by associate POs.
Tiberio Rabboni, the President of the Pomodoro Nord IO, says that he is satisfied with "the good conformity of the situation with earlier programming, considering that the 2.5% gap between actual planted surfaces and contract surfaces remains minimal and among the lowest of recent years. In the end, operators know what quantities they can expect, and this tonnage is well matched with the requirements of the market in this sector."

Some complementary data
Regional distribution
The Emilia-Romagna region has the largest surface dedicated to processing tomatoes in northern Italy, with 24 866 hectares, followed by Lombardy (7 494 ha), Piedmont (2 029 ha) and Veneto (2 121 ha).
Distribution among the main growing provinces:
Piacenza: 10 003 ha; Ferrara: 6 177 ha; Parma: 4 666 ha; Mantua: 3 963 ha; Cremona: 2 102 ha; Ravenna: 1 929 ha; Alexandria: 1 821 ha; Reggio Emilia: 993 ha; Rovigo: 895 ha; Verona: 780 ha and Modena: 729 ha. A number of other provinces follow with lower figures.
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