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Graco and Schoeller Allibert to launch a cooperation

13/11/2019 - Press release , François-Xavier Branthôme
Tomato paste & fruit juice: Graco and Schoeller Allibert to launch a cooperation

On 8 November, Graco and Schoeller Allibert announce a cooperation introducing a global and innovative solution for both the container and the unloading systems for tomato paste and fruit juice. Combining Schoeller Allibert's new foldable intermediate bulk container (IBC), the Combo Fructus and Graco's SaniForce bin unloader offers the safest, most efficient and hygienic solution for the storage, transport and unloading of tomato paste, fruit preparations and juices. 

Launched in 2018, the Combo Fructus®, Schoeller Allibert’s new foldable intermediate bulk container (IBC) was created to meet all the expectations of the tomato paste and fruit juice industries. Both of them have specific packaging, processing and storage requirements which call for 100% safe, 100% easy to clean, labour saving containers.
Graco, founded in 1926, is a world leader in fluid handling systems. They offer a high quality range of bin unloader systems, designed to transfer medium to ultra-high viscous products, with continuous innovation at the heart of the business.
The cooperation between Graco and Schoeller Allibert is a logic step to offer a global and innovative solution for both the container and the most efficient unloading system on the tomato paste and fruit juice markets. 

The Combo Fructus®: Performances and safety first
The Combo Fructus® is conquering the tomato paste and fruit juice main processing companies in the USA and Europe by offering the best performances of the market: its strong and durable double wall structure enables a 1 500 kg unit load, a stack load of 8 000 kg and a 3 200 kg dynamic load. When stacked, this IBC offers maximum safety thanks to its T-shaped locking system and the double wall water-tight lid allowing strapping. Anti-slip plugs coming under the smooth base with reinforce handling safety. Not only is this safe to handle but it’s above all water-, dirt-, bug tight and needle proof, making it the safest IBC for the tomato paste and fruit juices.

Graco SaniForce Bin Unloader: a fast and efficient unloading system.
The SaniForce Bin Unloader is the cleanest method to unload materials from 1192-liter containers, eliminating manual scooping or bin dumping. Without contaminating, diluting or heating the product, the unloader achieves up to 99% evacuation rates of high viscosity ingredients.
Once the Combo Fructus is placed below the unloader, the ramp plate and pump is lowered into to the container, just above the product. The seal is inflated to hermetically seal of the bin. When the pumping starts, the product is moved out of the container and the plate with inflatable seal travels down into the container, scraping the product from the sides of the container. The product waste is minimal and the transfer perfectly hygienic.

Easy to clean, time saving and cost effective
Both the Combo Fructus and SaniForce Bin Unloader are automation-friendly which allows saving in labor and increases the process efficiency. The combination of the products saves time and energy during cleaning thanks to the flange connections at the unloader and the fast-drying design of the IBC. The IBC has one of the best folding ratio's on the market: up to 7 folded Combo Fructus' can be pilled in a standard truck, reducing therefor logistic costs and the environmental impact. Maximising the life span is also a way to increase its cost-effectiveness, that's why all parts can be replaced, as well as the skids thanks to a unique and innovative bayonet fixing system. Schoeller Allibert is very proud to ensure the complete recycling of all its products such as the Combo Fructus, which again lowers its environmental impact. Also the SaniForce Bin Unloader is more eco-friendly thanks to its up to 99% evacuation rate reducing waste and saving water. Overall, the combination of the Combo Fructus and the SaniForce Bin Unloader will reduce a facility's environmental footprint.

Request a demo!
To discover the Combo Fructus® IBC in combination with the Graco SaniForce Bin Unloader, both Schoeller Allibert and Graco can customize a demonstration to show how their products and solutions will deliver a less labor intensive operation and the most hygienic result.

For more information about the Combo Fructus® and the SaniForce Bin Unloaders:

Source: Graco Schoeller Allibert Press Release

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