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03/08/2017 - AMITOM - 2017 Season - Read in french
At the beginning on August, harvest is now underway in most of the AMITOM countries. 

To date, only two factories in the south-east are open and less than 10,000 tonnes have been processed. The heat is there in both regions. Up to now, quality and yields are there, but in the south-west some fields have been affected by early blight following small rainfalls over the last two weeks. Factories in the south-west will open from next week until 15 August.
The weather remains unstable with a succession of rains and heat. All factories in the south started in mid-July and now five of the 12 factories in the country have started. Only about 40,000 tonnes (about 10% of the forecast) has been processed to date. Quality is good but brix a bit lower than normal.
In the south, all factories have now started, which is earlier than usual. Full capacity should be reached at the end of the week or early next week. Quality is good, with good colour and acidity although brix is slightly lower than usual. The yield for the early varieties is as expected, not bad. There is some worry for the quality over the next two weeks following the extreme heat (close to 40°C) last week.
In the north, this week all companies have started the production even if not yet a full capacity that will probably be attained at the end of this week. Last week, we had two important rain storms (on July 24 and July 29) with hail in some areas of Piacenza and Alessandria. The estimation of the damages is not yet available and the POs says that damages are for some hundred hectares. The quality delivered to the factory is good, brix is normal for the start and the size of the fruit is smaller than usual. We will expect more information about the yields per hectare on the early crop in the next week. The sentiment is that the yield will be lower than last crop. This week we are receiving very high temperature that could negatively affect the late crop blossom.
All the factories opened between the 17th and the 24th of July and are now running. Quality is pretty good. The forecast remains unchanged.
All factories are now at full capacity in Andalucía and in Extremadura, and the harvest is running smoothly. It is estimated that 600,000 tonnes had been processed as of 31 July (19% of the forecast). Some factories in the Vegas Altas in Extremadura have reported some losses in the early tomatoes due to the heatwaves in June although it is too early to estimate total losses, no significant reduction is expected. In general quality is good, with good colour and acidity but brix is lower than last year.
In the Ebro valley, some factories are opening this week and most next week and the full capacity should be reached rapidly.
The total forecast remains 3.2 million tonnes.
Outside the EU:
The main harvest will start from the beginning of the September and we will report the situation on that time, but up to now the production is 20% less than our initial forecast.
It is estimated that 85% of the crop has been harvested to date with 502,000 tonnes processed as of 31July. Only 16 of the 26 factories are now operating as 10 have already achieved their program. The harvest is now over in the Kairouan and Nabeul regions but it continues at a lower speed in the other regions with about 8,000 tonnes delivered daily to the factories. The total forecast remains 570,000 tonnes.
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