2018 harvest ended well in Argentina and Chile

08/05/2018 - WPTC - 2018 Season - Read in french
In Argentina, the harvest finished before mid-April with 426,000 metric tonnes processed, slightly above the initial estimate of 420,000 mT, from the 6,232 hectares planted. 
The distribution by regions was:
  • Mendoza 172,550 mT in 2233 ha, 
  • San Juan 162,360 mTt in 1959 ha, 
  • Rio Negro 33,000 mT in 450 ha, 
  • La Rioja 24,000 mT in 390 ha, 
  • NOA 33,000 mT in 1200 ha (fresh market by-product).

In Chile, the harvest finished on 1st May, a few days after the original schedule due some rains in the southern area. In general terms, this was a good season with better average yields per hectare than excepted at 96 t/ha. Consequently, final production was 1,211,000 metric tonnes from the 12,550 hectares planted.


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