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TNCoverMay2011The bilingual (French/English) monthly publication Tomato News has been published by CMITI since 1989. Originally produced for the members of the Mediterranean Association of the Processing Tomato Industry (AMITOM), it quickly expanded its readership and established itself as the best source of information on and for the tomato processing industry around the world. It is currently distributed on a subscription basis in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The magazine is aimed at Decision-makers involved at all level of the Tomato Processing Industry: from seed breeders to users of tomato products, through growers, processors, re-manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, professional organisations, ...

Our dedicated contributors are all trained food scientists or technologists who have worked in the tomato processing industry before joining us, which gives them a unique insight into the industry and your needs for information.

The primary strengths of the magazine are our production forecasts and results, compiled through our extensive contacts within the industry around the world, and our analyses of the evolution of production, trade and consumption of tomato products. Other regular features of the magazine include news from the firms and the market, prices of tomato products and custom statistics.

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Tomato News is by no means the only publication of Tomatoland Information Services. We have also published several reports, CD-ROMs and directories which can only be ordered directly from  us. These include the 2007 Analysis of the Tomato Processing Industry in China, the 2008 Processed Tomato Yearbook and the 2008 Tomato Consumption Survey.


The World Information Center for the Processing Tomato Industry
In 1989, the members of the  International Mediterranean Association of the Processing Tomato (AMITOM) recognized the need to share accurate and timely information about the tomato processing industry with other operators around the world. AMITOM set up a commercial subsidiary the World Information Center for the Processing Tomato Industry (CMITI: Centre Mondial d’Information sur la Tomate Transformée), which would publish the newsletter Tomato News and provide information to the industry.
Bernard Bièche was the managing director of the CMITI and editor-in-chief of Tomato News magazine from 1989 until he retired in 2003, when he was replaced by François Xavier Branthôme, who is also the main writer. Since 2006, Tomato News magazine has been published under license from AMITOM by Tomatoland Information Services.


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